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Donnez-nous des nouvelles !

Pour nous envoyer des nouvelles de l'animal que vous avez adopté, c'est par ici...

First step - Ask yourself a few questions...

A pet is a sensible being. You will have to educate him and to be responsible for him till the end

  • Do you have enough time for him ? Does your lifestyle match the species you would like to chose ?
  • Do you have enough space for him ? Are neighbors far enough ?
  • Do you have enough money for him ? (for veterinary costs, vaccinations, daily food, grooming, anti-fleas, toys...)
  • Is this a real need from you or do you just want to get a pet because it's fashionable or because your child wants one ?


Second step - How to adopt ?

You need to provide a proof that you have a closed garden for mid and large breed dogs.

You have to promise you won't ever leave your new friend attached or inside a kennel.


Our dogs and cats are waiting for you in the menu on the left


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