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Nos chiens attendent un maître

La grille extérieure du refuge

No animal welcomed by AID Animaux has never been and will ever be euthanized without any serious health reasons.

The shelter moved... It is now located on the road of Vitré (for those who know).

You may read a short history in the News of AID and see a few photos of the touching opening ceremony which took place on tuesday 7th septembrer.

It now included 10 covered pound boxes and et 6 enclosures of 6m x 6m for the shelter itself. All the "igloo" kennels where bought by AID.

If the place and working conditions have changed, like before one abandoned or lost animal enteres daily. He'll be sure to be well-treated by the people who work there everyday of the week...

Dogs : they are about 50 currently, some of them have been waiting for a new home for more than 10 years. They are tatooed, vaccinated (DHLP) and neutered.


This shelter is brand new and costed about 300 000 € to the urban community (we want to thank them once again), however it lacks shade (congratulations to the architect !) which explains the use of parasols. AID of course consider building a cover, and the estimate is about 10 000 €... and appeals once again to Your generosity.


About 20 cats are hosted in a little cattery. They are friendly and clean, tattooed, tested agains FIV and FeLV, vaccinated against TC et neutered.

Everyday, volunteers come and walk the dogs around the shelter...


Châteaubriant shelter is 30 years old. Managed by AID Animaux since 1989, it is one of the only shelters without any serious reason. All the animals we welcome are cured, heartened, comforted, and kept till they are adopted.

200 cats and dogs enter our shelter every year, some of them, such as Jupiter the great Dane found by walkers, exhausted and skinny, chained up to a tree in the middle of the woods, had the chance to find quickly a new home.

Some others like Robert, big girffon abandoned at the age of 4 months old because he was not interesting anymore, or Hermann the kind Beagle "forgotten" after his owner moved away, have been waiting for 10 years to leave definitively the shelter.

As for kittens, they are dropped in baskets from the beginning of may, openly or on the sly, out of cowardice. Kittens are so cute, but as soon as they grow up a little bit, they are less sought after, and join the other cats of the previous years.

Some stories end well : the shelter is a haven of peace for Gaby, who never knew anything else than chain and bad treatments, found tied in cold and stinky mud, half paralyzed (her photo is in the inquiries).

Caliméro the little dwarf goat, found chained to a dump's door, was welcomed by a family, quite amazed at the equilibrist talents of this mischevious animal who had probably been trained in a circus.


The shelter is a priviledged place where chidren, adults and elderly people meet and unite their good will to give a little hapiness to animals who, thanks to them, will regain confidence in human being.

Help ourselves be known. We are searching for adoptants, but also voluntaries to groom, walk the dogs, transport the animals, cuddle the cats... We also need money to buy food, kennels, leashes and collars, and pay the vets.

Les niches igloo

Les niches igloo

A table ! Devant la cuisine du refuge
A table !

Tendre tête-à-tête - Une bénévole et un de nos pensionnaires
Tendre tête-à-tête

la cuisine du refuge
La cuisine

la chatterie vue de l'extérieur
Extérieur de la chatterie

A l'intérieur de la chatterie
Dans la chatterie


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