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All your donations can be deduced from your taxes.
You can send us a check to the following address

Always easier ! Just print and fill up this form, this envelope, stick up a stamp, and here it is ! (We will mail a receipt)

Even simpler : put your donation directly on our postal account CCP 474846 W Nantes


By fostering one of our pets


By giving a little bit of your time

  • walking the dogs : a very nice way to do sports and lose a little bit weight without even noticing
  • taking animals to and from the vets
  • bathing and grooming the animals
  • playing with the animals, cuddle and socialize them
  • doing the enquiries,
  • take part to front desk tasks,
  • anyone with building skills for minor works and repairs,
  • providing a temporary foster home, or becoming a foster for the pets that nobody want
  • helping us carrying food bags and supplies : our pets do have a big appetite...


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